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The Green Room

The Green Room is a Performing Arts Production company with a focus in theater & dance arts education.


We produce shows, provide directors & choreographers, offer classes and workshops, write original plays and musicals, and do theater and dance outreach at schools, companies, and organizations.

After-School Classes

The Green Room's after school classes are a great way for kids to explore their creativity, build confidence, and learn new skills. These classes cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Acting: Students will learn the basics of acting, such as how to develop characters, memorize lines, and deliver them with emotion.

  • Improvisation: Improvisation is a great way to develop creativity and spontaneity. Students will learn how to think on their feet and create their own scenes.

  • Voice: Students will learn how to project their voices, improve their vocal range, and develop their own unique sound.

  • Movement: Students will learn how to use their bodies to express themselves through dance, mime, and other physical techniques.

  • Stagecraft: Students will learn about the technical aspects of theatre, such as set design, lighting, and sound.

In addition to these technical skills, our youth theatre classes also help kids develop important life skills, such as:

  • Communication: Theatre requires students to communicate effectively with their peers, teachers, and directors.

  • Problem-solving: Theatre often involves solving problems, such as how to make a scene work or how to overcome a technical difficulty.

  • Teamwork: Theatre is a team sport, and students must learn to work together to create a successful production.

  • Confidence: Theatre can help kids build confidence in themselves and their abilities.


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