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The Green Room will implement a Theater Arts program at your location or school in which we will cast, direct, rehearse, and perform a full production of a play or musical of your choosing. 


We focus on process as well as product; along with a fantastic show, the program will also provide participants with positive group experiences, development of self-discipline and confidence, focus and attention skills, and a true sense of joy and accomplishment.


We not only direct and choreograph full-length plays and musicals, but we also offer original scripts and adaptations!


Contact us at for more information!



Full Productions

With The Green Room



Direction: $4360

Choreography: $4360

Music Direction: $2180

The Green Room Production Fee: $3270



Audio Engineering & Lighting Design:  $3000 - $6000 (depending on what is available in the space where the performance will take place)

Set Design (Including materials and rentals): $2500

Costume Design (Including materials and rentals): $55 per child



Scripts & Royalties: $875-$1100  (Dependent on show choice and number of performances)

Props: $550

Hair & Makeup: $250



*T-Shirts: $15 - $25 per shirt

Video License: $75 - $150

Posters & Programs: $330


**Cost can vary dependent on availability of rentals and local staff.


**This is for up to 45 participants with one cast. For two casts we charge an extra $400 per participant.

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