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Private Pod Theater Classes!

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Email Maggie @

to set up your Private Pod today!

Imagination, creativity, focus, teamwork and fun are the framework for The Green Room's pod theater classes. Students will get to become lots of fun characters from Oompa Loompas, to a Who from Whoville, to the Queen of Hearts, to Mufasa the King of the jungle!


We will explore creative ways to use our bodies and voices to tell our stories on the stage! Our pod theater class is a place for imaginations to really run wild and we encourage our performers to take chances as they bring their characters to life!

Theater Director, Maggie Cole, will personally choose/write a show and/or a cohesive set of scenes and songs to match the talents of each pod. 

Maggie Cole will be running all Pod Sessions.


General Details:

  • Ten to twenty 90 minute sessions meeting once or twice a week.

**Each pod can choose how many sessions they would like.

  • Cost per 90 minute session: $200 for up to 5 participants (an added $50 per participant after 5) 

  **A maximum of 8 total participants. 

  • Pods will meet in outdoor spaces. We can meet in a participant’s backyard or at a public outdoor space.



  • Option 1 : Show takes place during time slot of last session.

  • Option 2: Show takes place over the weekend after the final session (Added 1 session charge)

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